About Kat...

Meet Kat Morrissey, FIT Specialist!

Where are you from, Kat?

I was born and raised in Springfield, MA. I studied at Fitchburg State University where I ran indoor and outdoor track, and played soccer. I currently reside in East Longmeadow with my husband and cats Crouton and Bucket.

What do you like best about working at Fleet Feet Sports?
My favorite part of working at Fleet Feet is being able to connect with people over a shared passion of running. Meeting people from all walks of life from the once in awhile runner to the elite athlete, really confirms my belief that everyone is capable of running and having it make a huge impact on their lives in a variety of ways.

Our mission is all about helping people live a healthy, active lifestyle.  How do YOU live a healthy, active lifestyle?
I live an active lifestyle by continuing to spend my post collegiate years racing in local road races, as well as devoting part of my lifestyle to strength training. I play soccer as much as possible, and working out is a daily part of my routine.

What is one area of expertise you have that you feel will benefit our customers?

As a former collegiate athlete, I truly understand the difficulty in partaking in a sport while trying to balance a million different tasks, whether it be a job, a social life, community involvement, or any other variety of things. This has made me really knowledgeable in catering my workouts to fit the needs of my busy life. As someone that has spent most of their life as an athlete, I think my ability to connect with customers about their needs, wants, goals, and experiences, really creates a mutually beneficial relationship. Listening to people and learning what really motivates them is a truly rewarding experience.

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