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Meet Tricia Rousseau, FIT Specialist!

Where are you from, Tricia?
I come from a small town called Jaffrey, New Hampshire. If you’ve ever hiked Mount Monadnock, you’ve probably driven right through the town I call home to get there! I currently reside in Springfield as I continue my education in Exercise Science at Springfield College. 

What do you like best about working at Fleet Feet Sports?
I have a passion for people and a chronic case of the “running bug.” Fleet Feet offers me the perfect avenue to combine my passion, education, and experience to accurately educate and personally motivate each person who walks into the store. I take personal responsibility to ensure each customer finds what he or she needs to make his or her life the healthiest it can be. I truly believe each person is capable of some sort of physical activity and I enjoy doing everything in my ability to encourage each person to find this for themselves. 

Our mission is all about helping people live a healthy, active lifestyle.  How do YOU live a healthy, active lifestyle?
I consider physical activity and diet to be intricately interwoven when it comes to living a healthy life. To stay active, I primarily run and strength train. I’ve found strength training to be a MUST in my training in order to prevent injury and overuse. I also enjoy hiking and biking. I do my best to eat a balanced diet filled with variety to ensure I am receiving the appropriate nutrients and I work to eliminate highly processed foods and those with added sugars.

What is one area of expertise you have that you feel will benefit our customers?

Living with Type 1 Diabetes partnered with an education in Exercise Science has given me an ever-increasing knowledge bank when it comes to exercising and eating with a chronic disease. This experience and knowledge has served to help me empathize, motivate, and help individuals living with a medical condition that may present greater obstacles in an exercise regimen.

Disclaimer: My words are, in no way, intended to replace, change, or modify anything your doctor tells you. Consult with your doctor before implementing any changes.

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