Mentor of the Month - Jane Benerakis

July 2015 Mentor of the Month

Jane "Beekeeper" Benerakis

Congratulations to Jane "Beekeeper" Benerakis, our very first Mentor of the Month!  Jane is not only a caretaker to her bees, but to our Fleet Feet Longmeadow family as well.  She's truly one of the most selfless people I've ever met.

Jane started with us as a participant in the Fall 2015 No Boundaries Training Program and we knew right away that she was mentor material.  As soon as we could, in the spring of this year, we presented Jane with the opportunity to be a mentor and aren't we lucky she agreed to it?!?!  

Jane hardly ever misses a meeting (I actually can't think of even one instance), makes everyone around her feel supported and cared for, and calms the storm when things get chaotic.  The other day, when the skies got stormy (literally), Jane got in her car and went out to pick up anyone left out on the route.  She thinks to do things like that without being asked, just because she's Jane.

And when we couldn't go to the Pub Run at the Daily Pint because we wanted to be at the store for our members, Jane and her equally amazing partner, Bonnie, brought the pub to us.  We are truly blessed to call her a member of our mentor team and our Fleet Feet Longmeadow family.

Congratulations, Jane!

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