Why I love my Superfeet...

I was a skeptic.  I admit it.  As a long-time runner and believer in minimalism, adding an insole to my shoe seemed contradictory to my philosophy.  But the more I heard other Fleet Feet employees, as well as customers, rave about their experience with Superfeet insoles, I decided to at least look into the research behind them.  After reading a few articles and watching some videos, the science behind Superfeet was convincing enough for me to give them a chance.  So with reservation, I swallowed my pride and got myself a pair of Carbon Superfeet Insoles.

To say that there was an "acclimation period", at least for me, was an understatement.  For the first 3 days I whined, I complained, I even swore at them.  Multiple times (sorry Superfeet).  But the research I found mentioned that it could take up to two weeks for my body to get used to them and so I reluctantly persevered. And then when I made a startling revelation the whining came to an abrupt halt.  But first some background...

In 2006, after multiple days of running inside on my hated treadmill due to rain, the skies finally cleared and I headed back out on the road.  About halfway into my run, I jumped a puddle and felt something bad happen in what I thought was my groin.  Really bad.  To make a long story short, I tore my hamstring in an area so far up that massage wasn't an option.  That injury sidelined me for a LONG time.  Even walking was tough.

In the 9 nine years since, I've been to every physical therapist, chiropractor, and doctor I could find and no one was able to alleviate the nagging pain that continued to occur from the injury.  I developed sciatica from the scar tissue and not only was every run painful, but so was doing everything from sitting to standing to walking after my runs.  I learned to live with the constant ache and kept running, but it definitely decreased the enjoyment factor.  A lot. 

Back to my story...  4 days into my Superfeet experience, despite how annoying I found them, I stopped complaining.  I even took them out and apologized to them.  I told them I was sorry I doubted them and begged for their forgiveness.  Why the dramatic change?  Because on that fourth day, after my run, I all of a sudden realized that I didn't feel that all too familiar ache from my hamstring injury.  And then I realized I hadn't felt it the previous 3 days either.  I literally stopped and said out loud, "No way."

But it was true.  In the month that I've owned my now treasured Superfeet, I haven't felt my hamstring injury.  Not once.  Not while running, not after running.  Nothing.  Never in a million years did I expect the Superfeet to fix my hamstring - I thought they were for my feet!  But I'm a believer and now join the ranks of the hoards of people who swear by them.  Yes, I was wrong.  So wrong.

Give them a try... And be nice to them.  Because they will be SO GOOD to you.

Jill Murphy, former Superfeet skeptic, current Superfeet fanatic

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