• "Just wanted to say a very sincere thank you for sharing your talent and expertise with us.  It was a really great experience and I'm so glad I did this.  You and all of the mentors were the best in supporting us through the 10 weeks and helping us achieve this goal.  I had a great time last Saturday at the race too and look forward to doing more with the group!" ~ J. Daly
  • "You are an awesome coach and each time I run I think of all the techniques you had us concentrate on over the 10 weeks.  I've got to say, they do work!" ~ S. Barone
  • I am excited about running my very 1st 5k.  The past 10 weeks has been a life changing experience - I can run past 1 minute.  You and the mentors are amazing ladies. You all have been so patient and encouraging in your coaching. I look forward to tomorrow and what is in store in the weeks and months ahead. ~ R. Westbrook
  • "This whole experience has been awesome. I really started loving running  and was looking forward to my running days during the week. And I never ran before!" ~ D. Lekakis
  • "Thank you for the opportunity to better myself and for meeting such a wonderful group of individuals.  Everyone offered support and encouragement, especially on those days where I felt I was trailing behind. When I started the program, I was not so convinced that I would ever be able to walk 3 miles. However, I did so on Saturday. To me, it was a huge accomplishment." ~ M. McCarthy

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