Under Armour Total Runner Series


Improve your running specific strength and speed through the Under Armour Total Runner Series.

Workouts will vary each week incorporating hill sprints, high intensity intervals, form drills, strength exercises, and more.  This program will help anyone run faster and more efficiently.

The Under Armour Total Runner Series focuses on the concept of speed reserve.  When most runners train for a specific race distance they rarely run faster than their goal pace.  By getting your body familiar with running at faster speeds and increasing dynamic flexibility your stride will become more efficient at race pace.  This is accomplished by improving your running specific range of motion and activating the major power producing muscles that are often ignored at lower intensities.

Join us Sundays at 9 AM at the store!


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Program Start: Ongoing program
Program Schedule: Every Sunday @ 9 AM
Program Fee: FREE!
Description: Introducing the Under Armour Total Runner Series - a weekly running group that serves the TOTAL body! Each Sunday will feature a different workout - everything from long runs, to tempo runs, to strength and conditioning, to speedwork and hill training!
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